Animal Tales is Coming Soon…

We sent out a call for animal stories and you answered it!  We have over 100 animal tales, which will be published as a book soon. We hope to have an Animal Tales author meet-and-greet at the Wrap-up Party on May 17! Keep checking the website for updates. For now, we have a sneak preview of the cover for Animal Tales!

Animal Tales book cover

3 thoughts on “Animal Tales is Coming Soon…

  1. I can’t wait to read all the stories. What a great idea! Hats off to Dearborn Public Library for encouraging people to take pen in hand, or maybe it should be keyboard on desk, and participate. Living 170 miles north from Dearborn I could not attend the programs, but if I lived closer I would have attended as many of the events as I could work into my schedule. Having experienced two previous Big Reads, I have to say the library staff and city officials, workers, and businesses really seem to have gone all out supporting the initiative in a big way. Thank you.

    • Not yet, but we’re aiming to have it available by The Big Read Dearborn Wrap-Up Party on May 17. It’s a tight deadline, but we’re hoping to make it. An announcement will be made on this website when the book is available; hopefully, later this month!

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